What kinds of submissions or documents do you want for this project?

Every person’s submission will be unique, because each our experiences will be unique.  We would like to collect the materials you are creating right now that document this time. Some examples of items that could be included in the Community Archive are:  

  •  a sign or art you or someone else in your community created  
  • screen shots of social media posts  
  • videos or recordings of events, classes, workouts, spoken words and music shared online during this time  
  • photographs of the campus, your home/work-space, or scenes from around your community 
  • that illustrate changes in society taken during this time   
  • captures of classroom work or lectures given online  
  • homeschool schedules or other daily routines for parents working from home  
  • your own journal entries (written, audio, or video) documenting your experience